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11 Feb 2014

10 Feb 2014

Donuts! Valentine's Week, @whatiwore

WhatIWore: Valentine’s Day. Take it or leave it. Some of us savor a time of year to eat extra chocolates or write love notes, yet others feel like it’s been overly commercialized.  No matter which camp you fall into, I think it’s a great time of year to break away from the winter blues by doing little things YOU love for YOURSELF. (Photo Source)

Here are some things I’m planning on doing this week, just because I like them! 

  • Add a freshly baked donut to my normal breakfast routine (just one morning!)
  • Or maybe an almond croissant from the bakery across from my campus office?
  • Skip a night in front of the TV and replace with a soak in the tub.
  • Spend an hour or two finally using some of the fancy stationery I’ve bought in the past year to write love notes to my friends and family. 
  • Bake a pie! My last one was in November! Maybe cherry chocolate?
  • Eat breakfast for dinner (it’s my favorite meal of the day and I never get sick of it)
  • Browse online for a new spring handbag. It might be too early to take the plunge, but looking never hurts!
  • Work ahead to have time for an afternoon nap, preferably with a tiny Raymond by my side. 
  • Buy a few house plants. They’re great at filtering your indoor air and I could use a little green in my life (plus Valentine’s flowers are ridiculously overpriced… hope that doesn’t extend to greenery too?)
  • Most importantly, lots of quality time with my husband, who’s been away for the past week! I miss him like crazy and can’t wait for him to get home this afternoon! 

What will you do to treat yourself? Happy Valentine’s everyone! 

tulum mexico, coco tulum, spring break ideas, where to eat in tulum, mateo's, puro corazon, el tabino, copa ruins,This week has brought snow, cold and more snow. In an effort to escape the ever-present, frigid grasp of Old Man Winter, I’m treating myself to virtual vacations (above, our trip to Tulum in 2012) Stay in a floating home or tree house on your next vacation, why not? These AirBnB rentals are breathtaking!

If those vacation spots don’t do, try these! The New York Times travel guide is always a personal favorite. 

Journalists arriving in Sochi are being welcomed with anything but open arms—think partially-constructed hotels and contaminated water. At least the tweets are pretty entertaining. 

Warning: this Instagram will make you want a tattoo, really badly…

Looking to up your salary? Rake in more mulah by moving to one of the top ranked cities where women earn the most money

I loved reading NY Mag’s fabulous Spark Notes for Fashion Week.

Better be careful when writing your next Yelp! review; it could get you sued.

What career should you have had?" Thanks to Buzzfeed, you can now find out.

Last weekend I asked for your suggestions on what movie to see. Welp, here’s what I went with and I totally love it.

The next time Sarah Jessica Parker and Gale King go shoe shopping, I’m inviting myself! 

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