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Maternity Style, #dressthebump, Summer Maternity, @whatiwore

Maternity Style, #dressthebump, Summer Maternity, @whatiwore

WhatIWore: I’m having one of those mornings where I already feel a little behind even though it’s still pretty early. Adam and I left the house at 6am to get to a doctor’s appointment near Indy, stopped for donuts on the way home and now I’m sitting at my favorite spot to edit the photos we just took and get my day going.

I was on the fence about keeping this dress, a maternity style from ASOS, but I’m glad I did. It’s light and cool and airy and bright and I can’t help but getting the tune to Edelweiss in my head as I wear it. I skipped any belt to give an illusion of a little more length (because boy oh boy, do I feel wide these days!) and paired it with some of my favorite accessories.


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9 Jul 2014

32 weeks pregnancy, maternity style, #dressthebump, pregnancy style, maternity hack, Jessica Quirk @whatiwore

WhatIWore: What’s black and white and tight all over? This skirt! It’s another one of those day in, day out pieces for me and actually a non maternity item that I’ve styled before here

I’m at about 32.5 weeks pregnant right now and baby is stronger than ever. I think he/she is going through a growth spurt because I’ve been really exhausted lately! The baby won’t grow much more in height but will hopefully add a half pound in weight or so per week until his/her birthday. I’m almost positive it will be a boy and say “him” and “his” all of the time now. I’ve asked before, but if you didn’t know the gender of your baby, did you still have a hunch? Were you right? Let me know on twitter!

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WhatIWore: This summer has easily been one of the best of my life. I’ve slowed way down, ditched wearing shoes 50% of the time, stepped away from my camera and computer and just let life happen.  I’ve been so addicted to my twitter and instagram feeds over the past few years, counting pageviews and planning posts that it feels so refreshing to just be in the moment.  So what have I been up to? Here’s a bit of my daily life in snaps.

Above: Homemade pies for my baby shower by my Aunt Barb (who taught my my grandma Schroeder’s recipe last fourth of July) including peach, peach custard and rhubarb blueberry custard plus flowers from her garden.

Checking in on Adam’s plants at his farm plot on a lovely Saturday afternoon wearing my favorite breezy dress.

Showing off my new Target two piece and getting a little tan on my baby bump at the local pool lately (floating feels dreamy at 30+ weeks pregnant!) 

My best pie to date: A black raspberry custard (click through and follow the tag #jessicas100pies to see all of the flavors I’ve attempted) 

Staying off my feet and doing a lot of reading/napping in the afternoon. 

One of the bajillion photos of his royal highness Raymond, who’s in for a little bit of a life change once baby arrives (but will take all of the snuggles he can get in the mean time!) 


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