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WhatIWore: When it comes to preferred silhouettes, my favorite is definitely a nipped in waistline, usually with high waisted jeans or a vintage style circle skirt. Lately I’ve been trading that in for even higher empire lines, but this is one outfit I can’t wait to wear again when the time is right! Everything featured is back in stock!  

Bold Black Shades - A couple years ago I proclaimed that I didn’t like spending more than $20 on a pair of sunglasses, but last year, I changed my tune. I was vacationing with a group of friends and tried on a pair of Karen Walker shades and loved the shape, fit and heavier feel of the acetate. They’re so chic and come with a hard case, which lessens the risk of losing them or sitting on ‘em and breaking ‘em. Definitely an investment, but also a quick way to add a little glamour to any basic look. I wear mine all the time

Black and Cream Blouse - This blouse looks equally cute tucked in, as shown here, or untucked, say with a pair of black cigarette pants? Very Audrey Heburn. 

Black Circle Skirt - I’ve had this skirt in my closet for at least three years and it’s a great addition for any girl who likes to play with a retro style look here and there, but doesn’t want to look like a page out of a 1950s magazine. It’s got the twirl, but can easily be paired with something a little bit modern, like a cute graphic tee. See more ways I’ve worn this skirt here, here and here

Ankle Strap Pumps - These ladylike steppers rank high on comfort and look great with bare legs or black tights. If I know I’m going to be on my feet for a while or doing a lot of walking, I wear these because of the lower heel height.  See more examples of how I’ve worn them here, here and here


28 Jul 2014

Maternity Style, #dressthebump, Pregnancy Style, Jessica Quirk, 3rd Trimester, Summer pregnancy, @whatiwore

WhatIWore: Here’s one of the later additions to my maternity wardrobe, a pretty polka dot knit that kinda sorta reminds me of Julia Robert’s wardrobe in Pretty Woman. I’m feeling more pregnant than ever! Baby is growing right on track and packing on the pounds and I’m perfecting the art of waddling gracefully. Despite slowing down, I feel great! 

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24 Jul 2014

Millinery, Jessica Quirk, Custom Hats, Hat Making, Felt Hats, Judith M, @whatiwore

WhatIWore: If you’ve read What I Wore for even a little while, you’ve probably noticed that I wear a lot of hats, many of them marked self made. My first experience in hat making was a two week section of a costuming class (which also covered gloves, corsets and tutus) back in college. Then my book club read this memoire in January of 2013 and I was inspired to get back into millinery.

I hacked my way through it. I bought new and vintage blocks (wooden hat forms). I watched YouTube videos. I used a lot of trial and error. While the end results were good enough, I didn’t really know what I was doing.

And last Thursday, I made a step towards changing that.

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