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WhatIWore: I have a lot of friends and readers alike ask me questions on how I became a full time blogger. As I look through other sites online (that seem to be popular) and as I look at my own, I’ve come up with some more ideas (see Parts I & II)

1. Create your own content. Anyone can grab photos from style.com and tack on his or her opinion. And you know what they say about opinions… right?  Take the trends a step further and create your own content. Maybe that’s daily outfit photos or a collage or a comparison. Do something original. Otherwise, the public will likely find that same information from the original source (which is gonna be style.com, not you).

2. If your blog is visual - USE GOOD PHOTOS! (preferably your own!) Jamie’s blog, From Me to You, is an excellent example.

3. Do your homework. Look at the blogs you love and analyze them - aside from ultra deep pockets or model shots* - what else is going on? There are some REALLY great blogs out there and they have commonalities: quality and focus.

*I try to ignor the uber rich and mega beautiful in the pool of blogs I consider successful. They have lots of appeal, but it seems really obvious to me. On the flip side, there are plenty of good looking, well dressed girls with average incomes that kick ass. Those are the girls to take note of!

4. Be realistic with your goals. Are you trying to monetize your blog or just be a creative outlet? Is it a working resume to get the job you’ve always wanted?  Lets go into a little more depth with each of those.

MONEY - If you are starting a blog to make money, you are going to fail. The winners in this field are the people that loved what they were photographing or writing about so much that they just wanted to spend all of their time doing it. If you’re lucky it will turn into a career. Its really not the other way around. Do what you love. Do what you love. Do what you love. When people see that passion, they want to be a part of it!

CREATIVE OUTLET - If this is the case, let your blog be your scrapbook and carry on! With millions of people on the web each day, it won’t be long before someone else calls you an inspiration.

WORKING RESUME - There are bloggers out there with a strong sense of their personality and work and its very well represented on their blogs. Two gals that come to mind are Gala Darling and Nubby (who also happen to be IRL friends).

5. Get Better. I love the feeling of typing in my URL and thinking “dang! That looks pretty good!" but if I was still working with what I thought looked good a year ago (see above photo), I wouldn’t be growing or getting any better. When you think you’ve done the best possible you’re just stretching your creative muscles. You’ll get better - if you push yourself.

6. Be Patient. Once you’ve done your homework, narrowed down your focus and then polished it off a little more, take a breather and be patient!! Whether you’re searching for fame, fortune or just a new job, remember that it will take time. Every star has an E! True Hollywood Story! They didn’t just become Oscar winners over night! First they did soap operas or made for TV movies! It all takes time!

13 Oct 2009

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