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WhatIWoreI love throwing my hair back into a pony tail, but to avoid looking like a little pin head, I’ve always needed to do a little styling to go along with it.  Today I’m going for a throw back 1960s/Brigitte Bardot style pony that works well for lots of different hair types. Let’s get to it! 

I have baby fine hair, so I like to begin this style with either second day hair or some texturizing product like a salt spray.  Anything to grit it up a little to hold the volume we’ll be creating.

I also started with some loose curls to give extra volume, but you can add those at the end if you’d like.

To start, you’ll need to tease your hair, starting at the top of your head.  Work in 3-4” sections, emphasizing your back combing at the roots.  I use my regular hair brush,  but a fine comb would work too. A little goes a long way, and you’ll want to keep your ends from being tangled once you secure your pony tail.

Next smooth out the teasing with the top layer of your hair.  If you brush out too much, you can always return to step one and add extra height.

Get out your hair spray (I use a touchable, extra strength hold) and lightly spritz (technical term) the area you’ve back combed.

Now put on a slim black elastic headband. These come in packs of 5-6 and are also great for working out.  I like this size because it doesn’t leave me with a tension headache that I sometimes get when headbands are too small or tight.  Place the headband about an inch and a half back from your hairline.  

Next it’s time to create your pony tail.  It always takes me a few attempts to get this step right.  Loosely gather your hair in one hand, while keeping an eye on the teasing you’ve done at your crown.  You want to to stay smooth.  Affix your hair tie tightly (but not too tight!) and pull the ends of your pony a bit to secure it.


If your bump has deflated too much, gently lift a your hair at the crown to bring it back up.

Finally, I like to touch up the curls in my pony tail to make them a little more voluminous and bouncy.  Spray a final coat of hairspray and you’re done! 

26 Aug 2013

WhatIWore: One of my favorite ways to style my hair on days between shampoos is a super big topknot.  I have baby fine, medium length hair, but it’s still possible to get a really big bun. 

Start off with unwashed, second or third day hair. You can freshen up your roots with a little dry shampoo around your hairline if you’d like.

Brush your hair into a very high pony tail, slightly back from the top of your head.  I like to use a boar bristle brush so all of the hair being pulled up lays flat with as few bumps as possible.

Next you’re going to create mega volume by teasing your pony tail. Don’t wimp out on this step! The bigger you make your pony here, the bigger and fuller your top knot will appear.

Now I like to gently smooth out the hair around the edge of the teased pony.

Time to create your top knot and make sure you have plenty of bobby pins on hand! 

Begin to form the bun by gently bringing the teased pony forward. Pin down. Work slightly forward from the base of your pony tail, securing with bobby pins around the base.  

At this point, your bun might be really high, so go ahead and flatten it down a bit by pinning from the top. 

It always takes me a few tries to get this look just right, but when you’ve got it, spray liberally with a high hold hair spray! And that’s it! 

3 May 2010

WhatIWore: I’ve had a lot of people ask me about my hair care routine, so let’s just jump in!! For starters, I have baby fine, doesn’t hold a curl, super straight hair.

  • I wash it everyday and like to mix up shampoos.
  • Lately I’ve been using Suave which is a) cheap and b) gets me a lot of compliments.
  • When you see it nice and big, it’s the result of blow drying almost all the way and setting with velcro rollers.
  • And that’s it! No professional blow outs, and not a lot of “product”!

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